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With advanced classroom and laboratory facilities in both Atlanta and Savannah, the Arbutus Center has an ideal infrastructure for distributed collaboration and education research.


The Arbutus Center has several laboratory spaces as well as several Georgia Tech high-definition connected classrooms and collaboration rooms in both Atlanta and Savannah.



  • e-Education room, a collaboration/lab space with high-definition connections
  • Video recording studio
  • Two conference rooms with telepresence capability

Van Leer:

  • VL 461, an advanced collaboration space with high-definition connections to other Atlanta and Savannah spaces.
  • VL 456, a high-definition classroom
  • Two collaboration / conference rooms with Cisco Telepresence and Polycom connectivity.
  • Content development studio in the Digital Media Lab
  • VIP team space in the Digital Media Lab
  • DML collaboration studio with teleconference access.

Bunger Henry:

  • VIP lab


  • Ten telepresence-connected classrooms
  • High-definition connection to research lab
  • Collaboration space with Cisco Telepresence system
  • Two small-group collaboration rooms with telepresence capability